Ewelme Watercress Beds
Local Nature Reserve


Workdays (or more correctly work-halfdays) are held on the first Saturday and the third Wednesday of each month. Volunteers from the Chiltern Society, Green Gym and the Friends of Ewelme Watercress Beds meet at the visitor centre at 09:30.

Forthcoming dates


Saturday 7 January
Wednesday 18 January
Saturday 4 February
Wednesday 15 February
Saturday 4 March
Wednesday 15 March
Saturday 1 April
Wednesday 19 April
Saturday 6 May
Wednesday 17 May
Saturday 3 June
Wednesday 21 June
Saturday 1 July
Wednesday 19 July
Saturday 5 August
Wednesday 16 August
Saturday 2 September
Wednesday 20 September
Saturday 7 October
Wednesday 18 October
Saturday 4 November
Wednesday 15 November
Saturday 2 December
Wednesday 20 December

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A wide range of tasks is involved so a suitable job can be found for all.

Please come along and support us.